Our Values


Providing Long Term Value Creation That
Responds To Our Client's Objectives

Represented through the element of Metal, our experienced and international team is composed of private and investment bankers who have the insights and expertise of a major global financial institution. Combining our proficiency with strength, ambition, independence and determination, we create value with a carefully chosen asset allocation which generates consistent positive results over time. This is accomplished not only by a qualitative and quantitative method of analysis, but also by a close monitoring of the potential risks; of the assets correlation and of the portfolio volatility.


Aligning Perfectly Our Interests With Those Of Our Client's

Represented through the element of Wood, our company does not depend on any financial institution. With no institutional shareholder and no conflict of interest, this allows us to provide our services with complete objectivity and to propose our solutions in the sole interest of our clients. To reinforce our alignment, our transparent remuneration is substantially performance-based.


Presenting Simplicity And Clear Model

Represented through the element of Water, with versatility to be aggressive or calm, thematic or tactical; in developing strategies that suit different economic conditions and needs, we believe in being transparent while delivering consistent performance and enabling our clients to have a say. We offer the transparency expected of a private family office by only getting paid by our clients. We don't accept any retrocession or rebate from Banks, Fund Managers or any other counterpart.


Delivering Knowledge, Experience And Network

Represented through the element of Fire, our dedicated team has high service standards and aims at building a loyal and trustworthy relationship with our clients. We assure them that they are always protected by the strictest confidentiality to preserve their privacy.


Offering The Capacity To Cover A Wide Spectrum Of Situations

Represented through the element of Earth, our clients form a private club with a family atmosphere and sense of belonging. They benefit from an all-in one solution that caters a variety of needs from Investment and Wealth Management to Philanthropy and Administrative Services.

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