Our Approach

The Fundamental Idea Is That
The Future Is Impossible To Predict

  • Make more by paying less
  • Make more by losing less
  • Diversify with uncorrelated assets
  • Control your Financial behavior
  • Build a robust investment philosophy and process

Our “All-Weather” Strategy

Investing is not always about generating the highest possible returns. Unlike traditional asset management, our unconstrained multi-asset approach seeks to produce High Total Returns irrespective of the performance of Market Indexes. We prefer a solid and core investment approach to volatile and short term performance.

The “All-Weather” Strategy Means:

  • Define a robust strategy equipped for challenging times
  • Preserve capital in real terms over time as the main performance objective
  • Be cautious when markets valuation reach historical peaks
  • Elect rarity and resilience as a source of capital protection
  • Spread market risk

A Thematic Approach

Within our core allocation, we are focusing on objective trends and sectors that will generate value in the future. The importance of perspective helps identify challenges and opportunities. Thematic investing represents long term thinking but certainly does not mean static investing. The investments are cross-sectorial and may concern several assets.

A Tactical Overlay

While our core asset allocation reflects your long-term goals and risk appetite, our tactical overlay allows flexibility for short-term opportunities and risk mitigation. After identifying risk drivers, the tactical strategies are typically quite independent of each other and individually are generally fairly market neutral over time.

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